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//Who we are

Metabase Q is your ally in cybersecurity.

Thinking “it won’t happen to us” is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make regarding cybersecurity.
Through best-in-class systematic reviews and analysis, we calibrate your defenses for effective security, allowing you to grow and innovate unhindered by cyberthreats.

How can we work together?

We work alongside teams either as their full security team – managing people, processes and technologies – or as an advisor along the way.

  • Co-managed: Security Advisor
  • Managed: CISO Support Service
  • Fully Managed: Security-as-a-Service‍

Why Metabase Q?

  • Continuous auditing and analysis of your infrastructure and technology configuration to detect blind spots, vulnerabilities and right-size your cybersecurity needs and spending
  • Tech-agnostic team, partnerships, and integration to manage ROI and reduce legacy overhead
  • Internationally recognized in-house research and innovation
  • We go beyond checking the box for compliance to security that protects your future