Why Metabase Q

Don’t Navigate Cybersecurity Alone

Few companies have the resources or people to manage cybersecurity on their own. We are here to help.

Security is better together.

It’s easier to defend collectively vs. alone

Designing, integrating, procuring, and managing a full cybersecurity technology platform and team in-house is cost-prohibitive for majority of companies, let alone inefficient given the range of skillsets and tools needed.

We make it easy to defend collectively through our managed services.

Better, Faster, Stronger

Our unique Offense and Defense package enables your security to always be evolving and improving.

Improve your technology base

Security all in one

Improve your company’s security* Orchestration and automation of security programs leverage collective best practices through AI

OCELOT Threat Intelligence

Optimize with regional intelligence

Elite Red Team tracks and emulates tactics, techniques and procedures of regional threat actors for continuous optimization

Comply with global best practices

CERC Board

Apply global best practices, regionally

Think-tank focused on promoting a solid innovative regulatory framework for cybersecurity


Partnerships with key thought leaders

We work together with groups like CCE to advise them on cybersecurity topics and help drive a safer community

Technology Partners

Partnerships with top technologies

We have partnerships with over 40 of the top cybersecurity technologies globally, including large players like Google and Microsoft

Our talent

World-Class Research

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