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Manage, Measure And Mature
Your Cyber Defense In One Trusted Platform
Welcome to Batuta Command and Control
Imagine if you had complete visibility and control of your cybersecurity technologies and assets in one dashboard.
Identify & Protect
The key to effective defense is complete visibility. With Batuta, you get a panoramic view of all your security operations. Analyze trends, detect patterns and make informed decisions backed by real-time data.
Detect & Respond
Simplify day-to-day management by consolidating all your security operations on a single platform, increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of errors.
Act quickly in the face of threats. Automation and integration facilitate fast and effective responses, minimizing the impact of potential security incidents.
Take full control of your Cyber defenses
As threats evolve, Batuta allows you to continuously adapt. Seamlessly integrate new security solutions and adjust strategies according to the changing needs of your digital environment.
Transform Your Cybersecurity
Reducing cybersecurity risk isn't a one-time action but a journey. This journey requires a series of coordinated steps, each building on the other.
Global Threat Landscape

Understand the global cyber risks facing your organization

Real-time Risk Scores

Stay updated with an at-a-glance view of your cybersecurity posture

AI-enhanced Virtual Assistant

Expert advisory on strategic cybersecurity decisions and generative AI-powered security awareness training

The bundles
Full control of your cyber defenses
Your Cyber Defense In One Trusted Platform
Technologies Hub
IR Management Tool
Batuta AI
Threat Intel
With Batuta, embrace the power of seamless adaptation. Effortlessly integrate cutting-edge security solutions and tailor your strategies to perfectly align with the evolving demands of your digital landscape. Stay ahead of the curve, confidently navigating every twist and turn with ease. Unlock the potential for unmatched resilience and innovation, ensuring your digital presence remains secure and agile in the face of dynamic challenges.