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Metabase Q protects organizations from financial and reputational losses through smarter cybersecurity. Metabase Q calibrates cyber defenses that   deliver   effective   security,   allowing   organizations   to   grow   and innovate unhindered by cyberthreats.

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We protect companies that are changing the world

Your business is constantly evolving and your cybersecurity needs to catch up. We provide custom-designed cybersecurity solutions and services designed to protect global companies against cyber attacks.

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We do things differently

Real security begins with knowing your network and users. It can be easy to lose sight of the basic tenants of security, especially for distributed and complicated companies. We are here to advise you throughout the whole lifecycle of cybersecurity solutions.

Optimize your cybersecurity investment

The average enterprise uses 75 tools to protect their network. That’s a lot of noise and monitoring for your team. We make sure that your security tools not only work, but work in harmony with the rest of your investments.

Tailor ad-hoc services & solutions based on your needs

Every company is different and your security should be too. We work with your team to design a holistic security strategy and approach tailored to your needs and budget.

Prevent & respond to cybersecurity incidents

Cyber attacks happen. Whatever type of cyber incident you encounter, our security experts will contain the breach, preserve your company’s data, and address your vulnerabilities.

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A perimeter-less world requires a new approach. Once we create a baseline and have full visibility, we continuously work together as part of your team to design, reinforce and monitor to continuously improve your optimal security architecture.

We’re trusted by the largest companies in the region

Let us protect what really matters to you so you can continue changing the world.

10 out of 50 of the largest groups in Latin America

Over 80% of financial transactions in Mexico are protected by Metabase Q

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When you tell us you’re ready, we won’t waste your time. Let us know what you’re looking for and we can start down the path towards better security, together.

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Thought leadership

Understand the latest cyber threats and security best practices

Threat Research

BASE24 Safe Programming Guide

The first guide to secure coding for BASE24 Payment systems

Threat Research

Ploutus is back, targeting Itautec ATMs in Latin America

Metabase Q, identified a new strain of Ploutus malware targeting banks in Latin America


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Conoce más sobre nuestra visión general de ciberseguridad personalizada y cómo trabajamos

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