Manage, Measure & Mature

Your Cyber Defense In One Trusted Platform
We reduce the noise and enable you to focus on what matters.
Gain visibility and control of your company’s cybersecurity technologies and assets with the industry-leading Cyber Defense Command and Control.
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"In A World Inundated With Cyber Defense Technologies, Metabase Q Stands Apart
Their mission isn’t just about creating another tool; it’s about enabling every company globally to build a modern cybersecurity program.”
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Jay Leek
General Partner at SYN Ventures, Former CISO of Blackstone

Manage your cyber defense technologies and company assets for complete visibility and control across your organization.

We ease the strain between IT and Cybersecurity departments through our technology implementation and management platform.
Onboard your company & install cybersecurity applications within minutes utilizing our cloud-based platform and lightweight agent.
Gain visibility and get a comprehensive inventory of hardware and software assets across your environment.
Rapidly level up your company with next-generation technologies, all from one dashboard.

Manage Tools Efficiently

Enable IT And Cybersecurity Teams To Work Together

Reduce Overhead And Complexity


Measure your level of compliance and cyber defense risk based on business impact.

Invest where it matters based on proactive insight into key security gaps based on current attacker behavior and international cybersecurity standards.
APT Simulation
Simulate multi-stage attacks using real-world adversary behavior to measure your defenses.
Conduct vulnerability and compliance assessments  to improve overall IT hygiene and simplify preparation for audits.
Gain a holistic understanding of your security strengths and areas for improvement utilizing third-party tools.
Seamlessly secure your applications from start to finish, mitigating vulnerabilities and reinforcing your defenses.
Achieve crystal-clear visibility into your cloud security posture and fortify your virtual fortresses.

Identification, Remediation And Validation

One Single Source Of Truth

View Contextualized Insights

Mature cyber defenses, improve incident response, and fortify resilience swiftly and effectively.
Detect threats and stop breaches before they happen. We give cyber response operations a headstart on the attackers by prioritizing critical cybersecurity operations.
Eliminate the noise and focus on what really matters. Distill your company's security complexity into understandable metrics.
Incident Response
Enhance your Resilience. Conduct forensic investigations against compromised machines and respond swiftly and effectively.
Enjoy peace of mind with our fully managed detection and response service, delivering expert security oversight without the need for in-house staffing.
Orchestration & Automation
Leverage the power of automation with our partially automated playbooks and instant alerting via Telegram, ensuring rapid response times and efficient incident management.

Enhance security and mitigate risk

Enable quick remediation to minimize business impact

Conduct forensic investigations

Maximize security
Minimize complexity
Powered by AI
Simplify Security at Scale
With Metabase Q, customers benefit from immediate time-to-value delivered by the cloud-native Batuta Cyber Defense Command and Control Platform.

We believe in powerful simplicity. Batuta is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive, making installation and everyday usage a breeze. Manage complex security tasks with ease, saving your team valuable time while minimizing the need for extensive training.

Experience end-to-end security integration throughout your entire software lifecycle. We automate your software development lifecycle with CI/CD, deploying the necessary security tools specific to your diverse tech stack. No matter the size of your business or the complexity of your applications, we streamline your security process, reducing complexity and enhancing protection.

Batuta is driven by cutting-edge AI and machine learning algorithms. This means it continually learns from your environment, evolving to detect new threats, and becoming more intelligent over time. Benefit from a system that improves itself constantly, staying a step ahead of cyber threats.

Navigate your cybersecurity journey with expert assistance from our highly skilled team along with our virtual CISO and AI Copilot. Get strategic guidance based on your specific needs and goals. Metabase Q offers data-driven insights, ensuring your decisions are grounded in clarity and understanding.

Empower your cybersecurity team with Metabase Q’s suite of advanced tools. Our platform enhances your team’s capabilities, allowing them to work more effectively and respond to threats faster. Strengthen your human capital with Metabase Q.

From managing technologies and measuring security status to fostering maturity, Batuta offers a single, seamless platform for all your cybersecurity needs. With unified visibility and control, manage your entire cybersecurity program from one place.

With Batuta, you cut through the clutter of multiple alerts and notifications. Our platform elevates what really matters.

Why You Need a Command and Control Platform
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Increase in deployment speed
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Reduced likelihood of a security breach
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Cheaper than Do-It-Yourself (DIY)
We enable innovation at speed and scale
Anyone can Quantum. Anyone can be Secure

“As the scientist behind Marvel’s Quantum Realm and a past collaborator with Stephen Hawking, Paul Rudd and Keanu Reeves on ‘Quantum Chess’, I enable anyone to understand complex topics like quantum mechanics in simple ways.

Metabase Q proves that better doesn’t mean more complicated and enables companies to simplify and future-proof their cybersecurity operations without sacrificing next-generation capabilities.”

Spiros Michalakis
Mathematical Physicist at Caltech,
Metabase Q Advisor.

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