Master cyber defense response & resilience
This bundle includes Batuta Control + Batuta Copilot.
Unlock a new level of strategic cyber defense management
By translating intricate cyber defense data into easily digestible insights, we empower organizations to navigate the complex cybersecurity landscape with confidence and sophistication.
Strategic and data-driven
Navigating the cybersecurity landscape requires more than mere technological measures; it necessitates a strategic, data-driven approach. Batuta Mature is designed to elevate your organization's cyber defense capabilities by delivering strategic insights, AI-powered guidance, and access to a network of top-tier cybersecurity professionals.
Clarity amidst complexity
Our solution delivers clarity amidst complexity, transforming intricate cyber data into easily understandable insights. It is about amplifying your defense strategy, bolstering incident response, and paving the path for a robust, resilient cybersecurity framework.
Challenge Your Defenses, Safely
Batuta APT Simulation utilizes the globally recognized MITRE ATT&CK framework to simulate breaches and attacks in a safe, controlled environment. This enables you to assess your defenses' efficacy, understand potential weaknesses, and develop effective remediation strategies.

Real-world security scenario simulations for realistic testing.

Detailed reports on defense efficacy for informed improvements.

Safe environment for testing and learning.

Tailored remediation strategy recommendations based on simulations.

Threat Intel
Threat Intelligence Focused On LATAM
Batuta Threat Intel module empowers your organization to make informed decisions about your cybersecurity strategy, enhance your defenses, and respond effectively to cyber incidents through Weekly Highlights, tactical, operational, and executive reports, as well as IOCs targeted by region and sector.

Reverse engineering malware to enable proactive protection.

Analyze public sources to ensure that sensitive data is not exposed.

Identifying those using your brand without authorization.

Surveilling ongoing threats specific to industries to prevent likely attacks.

Outsource Excellence; Keep Control
The Batuta SOC module provides a virtual security operation center, offering managed detection and response services. This module leverages advanced analytics and threat intelligence, providing swift and effective responses to security incidents.

Expert-managed detection and response for reliable security.

Integrated advanced analytics and intelligence for efficient responses.

Swift incident identification and management to minimize potential harm.

Cost-effective and efficient outsourced operations for improved control.

Experience unparalleled protection for your digital assets
Batuta forensics module elevates your cybersecurity with state-of-the-art forensic tools and expert-guided investigations, ensuring rapid and powerful responses to cyber threats. The approach includes continuous support and knowledge-sharing, fortifying your defenses to proactively prevent future breaches.

Analysis of log files and other information to identify perpetrator(s).

Technical summary of findings in accordance with reporting procedures.

Swiftly and precisely address incidents based on the discoveries made.

Congruent and reliable process to investigate and evaluate incidents.