Take control of your cyber defense operations
Streamline your cyber Defense processes like never before
With Metabase Q, take control of your cybersecurity operations, enhancing efficiency and agility. Experience seamless management, easy integration, and powerful visibility - all from one intuitive platform.
Help IT, Development, and Cyber defense teams work together
Handling cybersecurity technologies doesn't have to be complex. Metabase Q simplifies these tasks, enabling your team to focus on what matters - protecting your organization. We provide a consolidated platform for easy implementation and effective management of your cybersecurity technologies.
Leverage the tools you've already purchased
Our Manage Solution is designed for adaptability, integrating with a multitude of third-party cybersecurity tools. This brings you standalone and combined dashboards for a unified, detailed view of your security status. With real-time visibility, you're always in the know, ready to take quick action.
Fast-Track Your Cyber Defense Operations
Batuta Deploy streamlines the installation, uninstallation, and status checks of your cybersecurity tools. This module is built for speed and ease, eliminating the common headaches associated with implementation processes and paving the way for efficient cybersecurity operations.

Swift installations for accelerated cybersecurity operations.

Intuitive uninstallation process for effortless system maintenance.

Real-time status checks for reliable implementation.

Streamlined cybersecurity operations for overall efficiency.

Technologies Hub
Seamless Integration with Essential Tools
Batuta Technologies provides a unified interface to manage all your cybersecurity tools. With its seamless integration with third-party tools, this module simplifies the management of your cybersecurity operations and offers a higher level of control.

Centralized interface for efficient tool management.

Seamless third-party tool integration for security coverage.

Powerful insights for informed decision-making.

Enhanced control over your cybersecurity operations.

Know What You Have
Batuta Inventory gives you a comprehensive inventory of hardware and software assets across your environment. You can't protect what you don't know, and our inventory module ensures you have full visibility of your assets.

Comprehensive hardware and software inventory for full visibility.

Efficient asset tracking and management for organized operations.

Powerful insights for informed decision-making.

Strategic insights for effective cybersecurity strategy.