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Metabase Q offers BATUTA Purple — an all-in-one, subscription-based service that combines different cybersecurity modules into an integrated, automated solution.

We integrate best-in-class capabilities into a comprehensive portfolio, supported by our proprietary threat intelligence and automation, and providing the greatest possible visibility and control. We activate, analyze, and protect in a single solution.

Metabase Q Solutions


The best of the Red Team:
Our APT Simulation, powered by our unique threat intelligence, simulates attacker behavior to validate your controls across people, processes and technologies


The best of the Blue Team: A suite of technologies and services designed to protect, respond and monitor from cyberattacks based on results from BATUTA RED


The best of Both Teams: 24/7 SOC Monitoring, Threat hunting, Red and Blue team services and technologies all in one package to make it easy to deploy and level up


Many of the top companies operating across Mexico and Latin America subscribe to our trusted services

The Metabase Q difference

What makes Metabase Q uniquely effective is the orchestration of Red Team and Blue Team-type offerings into a single “Purple team” approach, all delivered on one platform. We provide the analysis expected from best-in-class technologies, with support and insights from top experts from around the world.


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