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Get maximum protection from ransomware threats

Enjoy peace of mind with Metabase Q’s specialized defense, built exclusively to combat ransomware threats. our multilayered approach ensures a fluid and proactive response, adjusting to evolving threats in real-time.

Rapid Defense Deployment

Dedicated Ransomware Focus

Dynamic Adaptive Response

Future-Proof Your Operations

The Rise of Ransomware

Why is it more important than ever?

The digital age has brought advances but has also paved the way for ransomware, a tool used by adversaries to halt operations and damage reputations. Every organization, regardless of size, is in the crosshairs. Current tools, with their complexity and limited focus, fail to provide the comprehensive defense required.

Average Cost of Ransomware Recovery in 2022
$ 0
Of Organizations Recover No Data
0 %

*Forbes, “Seven Factors Analyzing Ransomware’s Cost To Business”, 2021-07-29

How We Solve the Ransomware Problem
Efficiency. Approach. Evolution.

Simple and fast setup with Batuta Deploy.

Customized ransomware defense: Specific and effective protection.

Constant adaptation: Always one step ahead of evolving threats.

The road to minimal cyber risk
From a fragmented solution to a unified strategy
What to expect?
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The Next Level

Beyond ransomware, elevate your cybersecurity journey with our full suite.