Total Ransomware Defense


Get maximum protection from ransomware threats

Enjoy peace of mind with Metabase Q’s specialized defense, built exclusively to combat ransomware threats. our multilayered approach ensures a fluid and proactive response, adjusting to evolving threats in real-time.

Rapid Defense Deployment

Dedicated Ransomware Focus

Dynamic Adaptive Response

Future-Proof Your Operations

Rapid Deployment Meets Ransomware Defense

The Problem

The Consequences of Ransomware: Stopped Operations and Reputational Damage

$ 0
Average Cost of Ransomware Recovery in 2022
0 %
Of Organizations Recover No Data

*Forbes, “Seven Factors Analyzing Ransomware’s Cost To Business”, 2021-07-29

Ransomware has emerged as a digital nightmare, disrupting businesses worldwide. It doesn’t just steal information; it halts operations and damages reputation. The digital space has become a battlefield, and every organization, big or small, is at risk. Sadly, most security tools today are complex to set up and still might miss these cunning cyber threats.

How We Solve It

The Ultimate Shield Against Ransomware Threats

Simple and Swift Setup

The first line of defense against any threat is preparation. With Batuta Deploy, setting up your defense system is as effortless as pressing a button. It removes the hurdles often seen in the cybersecurity setup process, ensuring that businesses are fortified swiftly.

Tailored Defense Against Ransomware

Anti-Ransomware is not just any defense system; it's tailor-made to combat ransomware. By focusing solely on ransomware-specific behaviors, it ensures that these threats, whether common or unique, are detected and neutralized before they can cause damage.

Always Ready, Always Adapting:

Threats evolve, and so should the defense. Anti-Ransomware learns from every ransomware it encounters, ensuring that it is always one step ahead of the next threat. Its learning model is dedicated to keeping businesses safe today and even more secure tomorrow.

The Metabase Q Benefits

Depth in Defense
Anti-Ransomware focuses on multiple layers of defense to reduce ransomware infiltration and disabling threats layer by layer.
Assured Business Continuity
Anti-Ransomware ensures uninterrupted operations with automatic recovery, resiliency and isolation during attacks.
Reliability in Recovery
Anti-Ransomware ensures minimal downtime and a quicker return to normal operations.
Proactive Protecton
Anti-Ransomware is built by those who know the offense best, ensuring that the defense is top-notch. By combining advanced prevention engines with AI models trained exclusively on ransomware.
our Solutions
Manage, Measure and Mature
Your Cybersecurity In One Platform
Metabase Q is more than a cybersecurity platform, we are your partner in building robust, scalable and fast cybersecurity programs that protect your organization from today's and tomorrow's threats.
What to Expect
Make your purchase and get access in 24 hours
1. Install the Batuta Sensor
The first and crucial step of the trial is installing the Batuta sensor, which provides visibility and control for your systems. Once installed, you gain access to Batuta, the core platform for all of Metabase Q’s services.
2. Enable Multi-Layer Anti-Ransomware Defense
Deploy the Anti-Ransomware Module across your organization and focus on the rest of your business
3. Level Up
Anti-ransomware is a first layer of defense. Level up and manage, measure and mature your cybersecurity in one platform