Strategic Cybersecurity Talent Framework

The strategic Cybersecurity Talent Framework should guide public- and private- sector decision-makers in building and sustaining a skilled cybersecurity workforce.

In today’s hyperconnected digital landscape, the cybersecurity industry faces a critical global shortage of nearly 4 million professionals. With a consistent year-on-year increase in demand for qualified practitioners, the deficit shows no sign of abating.

At a time when cyberthreats are increasing in sophistication and frequency, the cybersecurity workforce, as the backbone of organizational security, plays a key role in securing the benefits of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Failure to ensure a steady supply of cybersecurity professionals may have far-reaching consequences, with organizations worldwide finding themselves vulnerable and understaffed in the face of emerging threats. It is, therefore, imperative for decision-makers to prioritize cybersecurity talent management as a strategic necessity.

Recognizing that a single actor alone cannot effectively tackle the cybersecurity workforce shortage, the World Economic Forum established the Bridging the Cyber Skills Gap initiative. Bringing together more than 50 public and private organizations, the initiative developed a strategic Cybersecurity Talent Framework (CTF) featuring actionable approaches to help organizations build sustainable talent pipelines.

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