Metabase Q Powered by AWS Helps migrating infrastructure to the Cloud

SaaS, Information security.
Beygoo is succeeding with the SaaS product and its need to serve more customers. Their current infrastructure needed to scale better for the new requirements, and they needed to move to a scalable platform.
Metabase Q defined and implemented its infrastructure in AWS based on technologies such as EKS and RDS.
Metabase Q
Delivered all their infrastructure fully automated in AWS


BeyGoo is a platform that provides visibility and monitors specific information of companies on the Internet. Our clients will be able to understand their exposure and associated risk related to the use of technologies, services, and activities of their own employees, as well as potential identity impersonations on websites and social networks.

"They helped us migrate the infrastructure to AWS. I didn't know how Kubernetes worked, and they never had a problem explaining anything to me. They knew how to migrate the current infrastructure to Kubernetes without problems, in a professional manner, and very friendly dealing. The truth is that I recommend them."
-Fernando Bertola