Metabase Q powered by AWS Helps Improve Cloud Infrastructure

SaaS Fintech
BCP Global is scaling its B2B Fintech business, onboarding big companies to their platform. To serve these clients, reliability and security are critical. They also needed to comply with ISO27001.
Metabase Q designed and implemented its infrastructure in AWS based on technologies such as EKS and RDS.
Metabase Q
Delivered all their infrastructure fully automated, with all the security requirements to pass the ISO27001 certification.


BCP Global, headquartered in Miami, FL, and with a strong presence across Latin America, specializes in delivering digital solutions tailored for financial advisors and institutions. Their core mission is to empower clients by enhancing efficiency, reducing expenses, and expanding market reach through technology adoption.

This strategic approach enables financial institutions to tap into previously untapped, lucrative market segments that were once inaccessible. 

"Metabase Q Team is a very professional IT team with specialized knowledge and high commitment. They help us to improve seriously our Cloud infrastructure."
-Gerardo Rodriguez
Director of Engineering