Zeus GameOver / Zeus P2P

Zeus GameOver is a variant of the ZeuS/Zbot family – the infamous financial stealing malware – which relied on a peer-to-peer botnet infrastructure to work. Zeus GameOver was used by cyber criminals to collect financial information (credentials, credit card numbers, passwords, etc.) and any other personal information that could be used to access the victim’s online banking accounts. GameOver Zeus is estimated to have infected 1 million users around the world and it was taken down in mid-2014 through Operation Tovar.

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A zombie computer is one connected to the Internet, that in appearance is performing normally, but can be controlled by a hacker who has remote access to it and sends commands through an open port. Zombies are mostly used to perform malicious tasks, such as spreading spam or other infected data to other computers, or launch of DoS (Denial of Service) attacks, with the owner being unaware of it.

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