Consejo de Expertos en
Regulación y Ciberseguridad

The first multi-disciplinary council of experts in Regulation and Cibersecurity in Latin America

To position Latin America as a leader and ally in the ongoing development of cybersecurity.

Our Objectives

Conscious Community

We are building a conscious and innovative cybersecurity community to develop a safe digital ecosystem in the future.

Public Agenda

We connect key players that have an influence on public policy regarding cybersecurity and other related issues.

International Cooperation

We promote the exchange of ideas and international best practices on cybersecurity and facilitate opportunities for dialogue among countries, regions, and institutions.

About Us

We’re multi-disciplinary experts and leaders in various sectors with experience shaping the public agenda.

Our Achievements

Promote the consolidation of a conscious community that shapes public policy.

Website for SMBs: Resources and information centered around prevention, detection and response to cibersecurity incidents.

Document "International Legislation around Cibersecurity"

Multi-actor conversations (private-public-organized civilian society-academia).

Digital Education: Cibersecurity lessons focused on children and teenagers along with materials to build awareness around digital security.

Internal CERC platform: Implementation of an internal working and communication environment.

Document "Recomendations for legislation around cibersecurity" an interdisciplinary paper based on international best-practices.

Give visibility to actions and stategies related with consciousness building of other strategic allies.


With every step we take, we pave the way towards a world with more cyber-trust.

Louise Ireland

Co-founder, President, and COO of Metabase Q

Mauricio Benavides

Co-founder and CEO of Metabase Q

Liliana Jiménez

CERC Representative


We work in different committees, acoording to the strategic priority given to projects and working plans. Nevertheless, they work horizontally to achieve the same objectives across the board.

Consciousness Building Committee

Establish actions that nurture a community conscientious in cibersecurity that seeks to promote the exchange of information.

Silvia Dávalos

Directora General de Políticas Públicas y Comisiones del Consejo Coordinador Empresarial (CCE)

Alma Rangel miembro del consejo de expertos en regulación y ciberseguridad

Alma Rangel

Directora Ejecutiva de Codeando México

Franco Carreño

Director General en El Heraldo Media Group

Carlos Morales miembro del consejo de expertos en regulación y ciberseguridad

Carlos Morales

Consultor Senior de Seguridad de la Información en Bulletproof Solutions

Alfredo Alfaro

Presidente de Grupo Finalpa S.C.

Adolfo Castro

Director General en Konesh

Sofía Martínez

Coordinadora del Comité de Concientización

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