CEP 2022 Closing Panel

This closing panel will have the participation of Mandiant’s Strategic Council President, part of Google Cloud, John Watters, and representatives of Latin American Banking Associations. The need for collective defense: it all depends on the weakest link Go one step ahead!

Module 8 CEP 2022

Digital Platforms: In this session, we’ll talk about cybersecurity in Digital Platforms at the hands of professionals and learn about its trends and aspects to take into account to maximize its use with the appropriate levels of protection.

Module 4 CEP 2022

How to measure the efficiency of your cybersecurity: In this session, you’ll learn how to measure your maturity and efficiency with a holistic and automated solution.

Module 3 CEP 2022

Cybersecurity for business leaders: In this session, you’ll explore the fundamental questions that leaders and the board directors should ask themselves to increase their cybersecurity

Module 2 CEP 2022

Think like a cyberattacker: In this session, you’ll be able to evaluate your technology and personnel detection with the generated Indicators of Attack (IOAs) and Indicators of Compromise (IOCs), as well as the response time and success in a panorama the widening range of cyber threats.

Module 1 CEP 2022

How to protect your company in a changing world: The raise of the Atomized Network: In this session, you’ll learn how your company should evolve to adapt and keep up with the rise of remote and hybrid work.