Technology Integration & Defense

We believe your level of security should not be measured by your spend or number of tools. We work closely with the best technologies globally and your team to ensure you’re getting the most out of each tool.

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Enable a stronger, more efficient security posture while maximizing your instruments

We start by ensuring a strong foundation for your company and then ensure every tool is properly implemented and performing according to your company needs. We have experience and knowledge for over 350 security technologies and can help you select and implement the right product to meet your needs.

Constant Detection & Response involves implementing sensors and collecting data across your enterprise, integrating every tool into your organization optimally, Investigating critical incidents with the assistance of AI and responding rapidly and automatically to threats


Based on your company's vulnerabilities, we recommend and implement tailored and holistic technology solutions to obtain and process data from various points across your company’s attack surface.


We work to properly install, configure, and connect the various security technologies you've already purchased or deployed so that they can communicate with each other and work together in defense-in-depth.


Guided by AI, we correlate threats across your technology stack and attack vectors to understand the full scope of a potential campaign.


As your technologies are integrated together, we are able to develop playbooks to rapidly respond and automatically contain potential threats.

Integrated and effective cybersecurity

Enable your teams and technologies to work better. Our expertise spans tools, technologies, and processes.

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Unparalleled Visibility

Your security depends on having complete visibility across your endpoints and networks. By ensuring your tools are properly installed and working as they’re supposed to, we make sure there are no visibility gaps.

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Comprehensive & Consistent

By deploying technologies with the ability to manage the entire lifecycle, we enable comprehensive integrated solutions from the start. Our processes are proprietary, proven, and repeatable to ensure consistent outcomes.

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Maximum Efficiency

We enable your teams to work smarter and better through integrated tools, processes, and playbooks.

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Deploy & Test

We have the ability to deploy and test new solutions in our internal Innovation Lab, preventing mistakes from happening in your environment.

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Case Studies


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Our experts quickly determine the best scope of action and plan for your security needs.

Quality Baseline Assessment

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Roadmap Definition

Our teams work with yours to build a custom roadmap depending on your needs, budget and constraints.
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