The best of the Red Team

BATUTA Red, our “red team” solution, combines human expertise and artificial intelligence to seek out vulnerabilities in our clients’ networks.

Our world-class researchers monitor advanced persistent threats (APTs), analyze malware and exploits in networks and mobile devices, and decipher the tactics and techniques of cybercriminals, all to replicate these attacks in a controlled manner on our clients’ networks.

We perform penetration testing, social engineering attacks, reverse engineering, and active directory exploits, among other methods, to find the weak points in our customers’ enterprise security.

For customers of BATUTA Purple – our security-all-in-one solution — BATUTA Blue remediation continuously addresses any vulnerabilities found in BATUTA Red for more efficient security.


APT Simulation

Security Validation through Advanced Persistent Threat Simulation

We monitor advanced persistent threats (APTs) perpetrated by sophisticated criminal groups worldwide. We replicate their attacks in our laboratory and reproduce them on our clients’ networks through a fully realistic exercise.
We reverse-engineer the latest malware variants to simulate attacks in our clients’ networks. Our simulation attacks are designed to increase awareness among your employees:

We constantly simulate the latest malware variants and techniques:


We reproduce ransomware attacks carried out by cybercriminal groups like Ryuk, Darkside, and Revil, and we have our own proprietary malware for testing. We can lock screens, encrypt files, and restore computers automatically. We also have techniques for strengthening controls on endpoints, such as process injection and privilege escalation.


We reproduce techniques used by attackers like Dridex and Emotet, who have compromised networks since 2014.

When running our simulations, we do not exfiltrate sensitive information or damage the computers involved. We restore infected systems exactly as they were before infection.

How it works

Offered scenarios:

Combine Offense and Defense with BATUTA Purple for maximum results

Our most popular solution, BATUTA Purple combines threat hunting, Red and Blue team services, and technologies into one package, making it easy to deploy and level up.

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