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Global reach with regional expertise. Founded in 2018 leaders in cybersecurity, we take global best practices combined with regional expertise.

The Team

This Is How We Roll

Security Researchers

With 16+ years of professional experience covering security services and as speakers at top events such as Defcon, REcon, and Blackhat

Changing the industry

Security services that are opposite to the stereotype services offered by 99% of LATAM providers

Always at the frontline

Protecting worldwide enterprises working as researchers at FireEye, Symantec, Palo Alto Networks

Thought leadership

Published books and create tools that are widely used by security consultants

APT Simulation

APT Simulation for Security Validation

Our advanced persistent threats are designed to raise awareness among your employees.

We run controlled ransomware as a service to test playbooks, incident response procedures and security policies.

We constantly simulate the latest malware variants and techniques:

Malicious attack simulations

Across the four main APT infection phases: Phishing, Endpoint, Lateral Movement and Exfiltration.

Time to Detect & Response Improvements

How long it takes for the SOC to realize the company is under attack? And how long it take to eradicate it? We help to measure and improve!


Attacks on the mail gateway to deliver malicious e-mails


Controlled malware execution and exploits on endpoints


Lateral movement techniques to gain access to additional resources


Execution of data exfiltration techniques

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