Defensive Solutions

SOC Continuous Threat Detection

Our team has proven experience in Forensic Analysis.

We are speakers at the main congresses and universities in Latam.
We have worked with police, military, OAS, Ameripol and Interpol organizations.

Problems at hand
Lack of Clear Processes

Breach detection in Blue Team processes.

Alert Fatigue

Alert Fatigue Address what really matters (An email is not an alert).

Lack of Talent

A SOC requires multiple skills that are constantly updated.

Integration of assessment processes in the project, team training.
Hardening Guides
Prioritization based on operational risk, guidelines tested throughout LATAM, understanding of the client’s business context.
Our SOC team has intonation certifications, a multidisciplinary team and years of incident experience.
Cost Optimization
Through rationalization of ingested data sources and storage time.
An extension of your team
Help your team make faster, more informed decisions to protect your organization.
Communication Triage
Prioritizing and managing communication in emergencies or crisis situations.

Security Operation Center (SOC)

Managed Detection & Response (MDR)





With Microsoft as our partner, we receive Zero Day or patch reports 10 days in advance before they are published

In partnership with

Service Structure

Threat Alert Monitoring Service

Stage 1

Analyze and Triage according to playbooks Prioritize according to threat matrix

Stage 2

High complexity analysis Triggered by Stage 1 or Critical Alerts

Stage 3

Specific services according to the requirements needed: Incident Response, Threat Intelligence, Forensics Analysis, Threat Hunting y Pentesting

SOC integration layer

SIEM & Log Management
Asset Discovery
Intrusion Detection
Vulnerability Assessment
Endpoint Detection & Response

Alerts Management

24/7 information in real time and decision making in a single click




The Forensic Analysis focuses on preserving, identifying and analyzing elements linked to possible threats, alerts and security incidents.

At Metabase Q we have proven experience in judicial and corporate forensic analysis.

Our process includes a complete analysis within the framework of international best practices and compliance. Some of the activities we perform are:

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