The best of the Blue Team

The BATUTA Blue platform is focused on defense, but much of its work is proactive in nature. BATUTA Blue identifies and neutralizes risks and threats before they cause harm to the organization.

Our experts manage our clients’ platforms in an orchestrated manner, constantly analyzing their security status and implementing the required measures to improve their defenses.

BATUTA Blue performs security operations center (SOC) monitoring, incident tracking, security information and event management (SIEM), endpoint protection, security automation, and packet capture and analysis, among other services.

BATUTA Blue works best when working in tandem with BATUTA Red

We perform incident response and management and security automation to minimize risks and vulnerabilities.

Through SOC monitoring

We observe our members’ networks and infrastructure, set alerts for threat detection based on events received, and automate intelligent responses.

BATUTA Blue combines human expertise and AI-based software to:

Combine Offense and Defense with BATUTA Purple for maximum results

Our most popular solution, BATUTA Purple combines threat hunting, Red and Blue team services, and technologies into one package, making it easy to deploy and level up.

Our Capabilities

At Metabase Q, we created our unique Offense and Defense package due to the realization that security always needed to be evolving and changing.


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