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The BATUTA platform is the core of Metabase Q services and technologies and is designed to connect, augment, analyze security data at scale and automate your workflows. 


Batuta is a managed services platform, providing visibility and control of technologies and assets. Our platform:


Batuta Is Deployed In Different Countries

It allows us to learn from stakeholders and have regional information. On the results of findings, we proactively act to protect them before incidents occur.

Technology coverage

Platform Administrations

With Batuta we can integrate and manage security tools and agents.
We seek to provide coverage, to know the installation status and to be able to manage registrations and cancellations. Batuta has the ability to integrate and manage security tools and agents. We are looking for speed and efficiency in the deployment.

Alerts Management

Decision Making With An Instant Click

We are Resilient// Installation
Batuta is very simple to install, it only requires the execution of a PowerShell command. You can install it via email to a user or via a graphical interface. It can be massively, through GPO, EDR or any deployment solution. In case of incidents, we can quickly deploy the necessary containment and eradication tools such as: EDR, Anti Ransom, Patch Management, SIEM.


Get visibility into your company’s cybersecurity status so that your teams can optimize decision-making and obtain transparently and in real time the information provided by our analytics experts.

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