We are your outsourced security team. We understand the most critical points of vulnerability as an attacker would, and then work with your team to design and implement a security strategy. Our Security Experts manage cybersecurity risk, lead incident response recovery, identify exposures, and prioritize activities to optimize a security program aligned with your business needs.

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Cybersecurity Strategy

Your company is unique, your cybersecurity strategy should be too. We work with your team to design and implement processes, architecture, and technology to ensure your company’s security can keep up with new threats and regulations.

Security Audits

We help optimize what you spend on your security stack by testing your configurations with real attacks to pinpoint which systems or tools are leaving assets at risk. We identify configuration issues and gaps across your people, process, and technology.

Cloud Migration

As companies rapidly adopt public cloud systems, they often fail to implement an effective strategy framework to combat cyberattacks. We work with your teams to design a clear rollout plan with technologies for cloud security.

Remote Work

With this new paradigm of remote work,  it’s important to look for unexpected changes in remote access. We work with your teams to design a ‘work-from-home’ strategy that enables your company to work remotely, securely.

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Scope Definition

Our experts quickly determine the best scope of action and plan for your security needs.

Quality Baseline Assessment

Get a clear and concise cost estimate to launch an initial assessment.

Roadmap Definition

Our teams work with yours to build a custom roadmap depending on your needs, budget and constraints.
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