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Our world-class cybersecurity experts provide a full range of services to address any of your company needs. If an incident occurs, your team will not only need to contain and remediate it, but also take preventive steps to avoid a recurrence. Our experts can guide you through the trickiest of problems and train you and your team along the way for stronger security.


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As the leading offensive and defensive services team in Mexico and Latin America, it is our jo to help you prepare and respond to some of the most challenging threats so that you can focus on growing your business. We act as your trusted partner to advise and strengthen your security throughout the attack lifecycle.

The Forensic Analysis service focuses on providing our customers with visibility and support on the activities associated with confirmed cybersecurity incidents to analyze the causes, the technique used, and the consequences and detect the weaknesses that have caused the attack or incident.

Our process encompasses a complete analysis within the framework of top international practices and compliance. Some of the activities we perform are:

Combine Offense and Defense with BATUTA Purple for maximum results

Our most popular solution, BATUTA Purple combines threat hunting, Red and Blue team services, and technologies into one package, making it easy to deploy and level up.

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