The leading method of cybersecurity validation

360° Vulnerability Assessment

Safety in 8 weeks

Our initial assessment automatically identifies security gaps across all vectors and then tells you exactly how to fix them.

1. Ethical hack

The only AI-powered penetration test in the market. Understand the external vulnerabilities an attacker could utilize.

2. Internal assessment

Understand the breach routes an attacker could take once inside across 200+ attack vectors.

Awareness & ResponsePre-exploitationPost-exploitationimg

3. Existing security tool effectiveness

Understand how effective your tools and people are in stopping real-world attacks.

4. User Access Management

Gain full visibility into your company data flows and analyze all authentication activity to generate a real-time access map of the entire organization.

Simulate Attacks

Rather than a checklist or consulting approach, we empirically test how well your system would perform under a variety of attack scenarios across endpoint, network, email and cloud controls. We combine human and artificial intelligence to produce maximum results.

Evaluate Gaps

Within 48 hours, you will receive full visibility into your security posture in a way never thought possible before.

Remediate with Actionable Insights

Metabase Q creates and implements a custom built risk reduction plan based on your industry and unique customer profile. You can choose to customize even further by including specific risk events most urgent to your company. That way your investment is completely aligned with your security needs.