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Our state-of-the-art ATM laboratory is the first of it's kind. We enable companies to improve their ATM cybersecurity programs rapidly and effectively. In our laboratory, we offer various customized services based on your needs and your fleet models.

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Our Services

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ATM Pentesting

Our state-of-the-art ATM laboratory can simulate up to 21 different real-world attacks, covering all possible attack vectors. We do jackpotting and carding among others and simulate standard and advanced attacks; if it exists, we have a test for it.

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Forensic Analysis

If your ATMs have been breached, we’ll tell you how they did it and how to protect your infrastructure from this attack in the future.

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ATM Cybersecurity Training

Does your company have an existing cybersecurity team? Our ATM experts can give them the necessary training that will allow them to protect your investments with the appropriate techniques and processes.

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Security Controls Gap Analysis

In our controls assessment, we check both physical and security controls to ensure you're properly protected from potential threats.


Custom  Malware

Our experts can not only find malware, but they can replicate it. Custom attacks, using techniques from Ploutus, Ripper, Tyupkin and others, make our tests as realistic as they get.


The cost of breaches

The average ATM jackpot costs the victim from 57.2 to 71.5 thousand dollars

Standard attacks

They are done in person and exploit vulnerabilities inherit in the ATM. They can only be done on ATMs of the same model.

The average campaign is comprised of 8 to 150 attacks

This translates to losses of between half a million and 9.6 million dollars

Advanced attacks

They are done remotely and exploit vulnerabilities in the company's structure.

The average campaign is comprised of 250 to 350 attacks

This translates to losses of between 9.8 and 22.5 million dollars

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Unparalleled Experience

Our team has seen it all. We've held critical roles in Red Teams, Blue Teams, APT monitoring, malware and exploit analysis, and deciphering cybercriminal techniques, tactics and procedures.

Recognized authorities

Our researchers have been speakers in the most important conferences worldwide such as REcon Canada, Defcon, and Blackhat USA. They are co-authors of security books such as "Show me the e-money" and others

International Talent

Our team is made up of world-class researchers committed to bringing the best security from around the world to Latin America.