Level up your SOC
Amplify Your Security Operations Center's Efficacy and Efficiency
Turning Up the Dial on Your SOC
Bolster your SOC's capability and efficiency with Metabase Q. Our platform adds a layer of intelligence, automation, and community to your existing SOC, elevating its effectiveness in identifying, analyzing, and responding to security threats.
The SOC Struggle:

With the rapidly changing threat landscape, your Security Operations Center is critical to your defense

But the sheer volume of alerts, complex toolsets.

The challenge of prioritizing threats can strain even the most robust SOCs.

Why choose Metabase Q?
Enhanced Threat Detection: Our platform leverages AI-powered automation to sift through noise, identify real threats, and highlight priority actions.
Streamlined Processes: We help you automate SOC procedures, reducing manual effort and improving response time.
Expertise on Demand: Access our community of top security professionals for specialized knowledge and support.
The Metabase Q Advantage
Heightened Threat Visibility
Our platform's AI capabilities help your SOC teams to zero in on genuine threats, cutting through the noise and focusing on what matters.
Faster Response Times
With automated processes and playbooks, your SOC can respond to threats quicker, reducing potential damage and downtime.
Valuable Knowledge Support
Our expert community offers additional knowledge & support, augmenting your in-house teams and ensuring they have the best insights for decision making.
Metabase Q is the secret ingredient to turbocharge your SOC.
We enhance your current operations with AI-enabled automation, valuable expert insights, and streamlined processes. Whether you're dealing with a barrage of alerts or need support with complex threats, Metabase Q amplifies your SOC's ability to protect your organization effectively and efficiently. Supercharge your SOC with Metabase Q.