Cybersecurity ultimately is an operational problem

At Metabase Q, we created our unique Offense and Defense package due to the realization that security always needed to be evolving and changing. Rather than just buying tools, we dynamically enable your security to adjust and change to your IT environment and the evolving threat landscape.

Major firms like Mandiant (now part of Google Cloud) and Microsoft partner with Metabase Q because of the unique visibility we offer in Latin America on cybercrime and active actors in the region.

We developed our approach to make it cheaper (and easier) for companies to get secure

You’re not alone in wondering if you could just do this yourself. Managing all of your cybersecurity in-house vs. buying tools and service providers to support is a question every organization faces. Our model provides a new alternative.

What you'll need

Foundational Tools

We replace the need for these specific tools in ourcore BATUTA Purple Offering

Do It Yourself (DIY)

You purchase, install, integrate,
manage, and monitor these
different tools on your own

The Process

We utilize best-in-class
approaches from our global
customer base to create
maximum value for each
individual company.

You create and maintain
these discrete processes at
your organization


We constantly train and equip a
top teams who is are focused on
improving your security.
Our approach enables your
teams to be as involved as
they want to be.

You hire and manage a team for
your security practice

Metabase Q Credits

We design our credit system to make it easier to access the expert help you need. Every company needs a different set of skills depending on the company maturity

Do it Yourself (DIY)

Team of 5 with differents specialities

Metabase Q

Specific expertise when you need it

Our Agile Cybersecurity Model and Pricing

Our pricing and workflows are transparent to ensure you’re able to properly budget and get the security that you need.

Our Cybersecurity Solutions are offered on a monthly subscription with add-ons

How does it work?

Our main priority is to make your life easier. That’s why we designed a pricing model that works for you. Request your custom quote or speak with a member of our team to see why the top organizations choose Metabase Q!

Who is Metabase Q for?

Companies that have anywhere from 25 to 10,000+ employees. We have different packages for different sized companies
Any company that utilizes the internet in any way (to connect to factory plants, send emails) should be concerned about cybersecurity


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