Cybersecurity Executive Program

Manage today's cyber-risks

In our executive training, we teach you how to make strategic decisions that will ensure the cyber-resilient future of your organizations.

What is it?

Cybersecurity Executive Program

In our exclusive program for top global leaders, you will be able to acquire the necessary training to deal with today’s cyber-risks, cyber-attacks, and the solutions available to protect your company.

Knowledge Aquisition

Complete understanding of cyber challenges and cyber potential, along with the theoretical frameworks and vocabulary you need to have informed discussions and make strategic decisions.

Learning experience

This course includes online modules, simulations and collaborative learning through discussion forums.

Focus on leadership roles

Designed to give leaders and decision makers within all industries an in-depth understanding of cyber security.

How we do it

The best of our program

Develop the knowledge required to make strategic decisions around cyber security through our unique and personalized training program.

Personalized Strategy Manual

This customized strategy playbook will allow you to create an action plan that improves the cybersecurity of your company.

Access to Cybersecurity Simulations

Conversations with Industry Leaders

Each module of this course features top cybersecurity experts and innovators so you can learn from the best.


At the end of this program, you will receive a completion certificate. This certificate can be shared online through social networks and in your professional biography.

Cybersecurity for Leaders program

Protect your business in a changing world

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You’re in control, Cyber crisis Simulation: Test your response capacity in the Cybersecurity Executive Program 2022.


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