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We build and drive cybersecurity operations that work for you based on our three pillars: people, processes, and technologies.

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How it works

We are not here just to sell you another technology that may not work for your company, your current level of security maturity, or your needs.

Solve your security problem

Begin with an analysis of visibility and control to ensure your base infrastructure is correct prior to adding more security tools and technologies
Take a comprehensive approach focusing on people, processes, and technologies
Have a team of internationally recognized security experts across sectors and stay up-to-date via our proprietary threat intelligence
Support your strategies with data for measurable and real-time results. We don’t just deliver reports, we work with your team to fix your security
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Our Process

Start with an assessment to understand the state of your security
Establish a strong base for your security in a custom roadmap across people, processes, and technologies to ensure visibility, control, consolidation, and integration
Add on trainings, compliance, application security, incident response, and other industry specific roadmaps like IoT, Industrial, ATMs, and PoS among others
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Scope Definition

Our experts quickly determine the best scope of action and plan for your security needs.

Quality Baseline Assessment

Get a clear and concise cost estimate to launch an initial assessment.

Roadmap Definition

Our teams work with yours to build a custom roadmap depending on your needs, budget and constraints.