Cybersecurity doesn’t have to be a headache

At Metabase Q, we approach security simplistically and practically - ensuring your company’s security works.

Metabase Q’s security experts have refined the security process to enable you to get started immediately – regardless of your company’s size and maturity.

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Managed Services

Leave the cybersecurity worries to us.


Let Metabase Q's Security-as-a-Service move you from a compliance-driven basic security functionality to an integrated, comprehensive, and mature security program with people, process, technology, and your business functions working together. In this offering, we work as part of your team to provide cybersecurity hygiene functions, compliance functions, threat detection and monitoring.

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Am I Mature?

Reduce complexity and improve your security program's efficiency, guaranteed.

Recommended First Step

Triage Assessment

Our team learns the scope of your existing investments and capabilities with clear data findings and develops a plan to rapidly improve your security in the near term.

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SOC Enablement

Quickly understand the maturity level of your security monitoring, incident response, and automation capabilities and take them to the next level.

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Identity Enablement

Reach maturity in your identity and access management programs – no matter where they stand today

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Ransomware Prevention

Rapidly ensure your company is protected from key ransomware vectors.

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Compliance Readiness

Prepare for compliance success prior to the certification process.

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Have I Been Breached?

Get help where you need, quickly.

Compromise Assessment

Answer the question: “Have I been breached?” by identifying ongoing or past attacker activity.

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Program Recovery and Rebuild

Develop and implement a cybersecurity improvement program after a breach has occurred.

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Am I Ready?

Test drive your cybersecurity program.

Crisis Simulation

Throw decision-makers into an emerging attack scenario.

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Ransomware Simulation

Simulate a ransomware attack in your organization - without the potential for damage or destruction.

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Level up your technology with the latest innovations in the market

Technology Testing and Procurement

We source best-in-class technologies and make them best-in-business solutions for our clients

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Research and Development

Our R&D lab is focused on SCADA, ATMs, biometrics, and other innovations to help your company evolve.

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Ransomware Protection

The next generation of ransomware protection is here. Tackle the challenges of today, with the technology of tomorrow.

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Why Metabase Q

Experts on Demand

The Metabase Q team is unrivaled technically in the region and comprised of top experts from cybersecurity, incident response, threat intelligence, forensics, and operations. The team has unique knowledge and insights into the tactics, techniques, and procedures used by today’s most skilled adversaries.

A Comprehensive Approach

Metabase Q combines people, processes and technologies in every assessment for a complete and holistic picture of your security. We take a practical approach to security and are focused on execution and operations.

The Industry’s Leading Technologies

Metabase Q utilizes next-generation leading technologies that enable your team and our experts to gain visibility into your environment faster than ever before, allowing us to identify and remediate potential compromises before the problem persists. We work with over 50 of the top technologies but are also technology-agnostic to support whatever investments your team has already made.

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Whether you've experienced a breach, want to test your cybersecurity maturity or readiness, or transform your cybersecurity program - our team is ready to go.

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