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Cybersecurity awareness benefits everyone. We aim to create a conscious community and enable easier access to next-generation cybersecurity education tools for students.

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Let's close the cybersecurity skills gap

As cybersecurity threats accelerate in terms of sophistication and volume, many companies cannot find the talent they need to remain protected. There is currently a gap of 600,000 cybersecurity professionals in Latin America - and it’s only getting worse. The Cyber Academy enables students to level up, demonstrate their cybersecurity skills, and become a new generation of cybersecurity experts.

What is the Cyber Academy?

It is a digital platform for the acquisition of technical knowledge and practical tools of cybersecurity, in a playful way, and at your own pace with no previous experience or technical background.

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Free of charge

Students are able to enroll free of charge thanks to our generous sponsors.

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Best in class education

We provide the best tools and up to date knowledge from theory to practice labs.

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We connect you with game changer companies that fund and support this project.

What you'll learn

This program is for students that want to learn the basics and jumpstart their careers. We also offer training for cybersecurity professionals and companies. Please contact us to learn more about our enterprise offerings.

Some of the basics you will learn

Incident Response

Risk & Compliance

Cyber 101

Some of our specialized programs

Cybersecurity Engineering


Vulnerability Research

Analysis & Monitoring

Safe Application Development

Digital Forensic & Malware Analysis


How it works


Easily identify the best candidates that will meet your cybersecurity needs


Get access to the best cybersecurity education available in the market.

Companies, Students, Universities and Institutions working together towards education


Offer up-to-date and specialized content to enable your students to succeed in the labor market.


Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, provide innovative tools for the country's digitalization plans.

Support the potential talent


You can support the next generation of cybersecurity professionals through annual sponsorships and advertising collaborations.

  • Up to 20 job postings per month to find the best certified talent.
  • Advice from our team to ensure you get the right talent for your company.
  • Discounts on staff training and access to crisis simulators for management positions.
  • Add to your company's Corporate Social Responsibility actions and be aligned with federal development policies.


Support your students and provide them with access to the best cybersecurity education. You can support this initiative through student outreach and sponsorship to ensure your students get first access.

  • Coordinate with your outreach team to deliver a conference to students and teachers on cybersecurity: its importance and challenges. Also, present the DCA and extend the invitation to register.
  • Opportunity to customize objectives in the DCA based on your course content.

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