The Future Society

We Secure the Future together

The Ambassadors Society is a community of entrepreneurs, innovators, thinkers, scientists, philanthropists, academics, and beyond, who are committed to driving conversations around innovation and cybersecurity.

This  community  unites  around collective values, shared interests and thoughtful live gatherings. This initiative is a container  for  conversations  that  will  help  us lead  a  more  secure,  successful, innovative and meaningful future.


With Cybersecurity at its core, The Ambassadors Society by Metabase Q, is a trusted space for leaders to share, learn, generate opportunities, and lead conversations on the forefront of innovation.

It is critical for the future of Latin America for us to take cybersecurity more seriously. The Future Society brings together leaders who are committed to enabling this change.

Our mission is to build a collective of leaders who are united by the same values - trust, knowledge, collection, and growth - and the same passion for a future where our digital lives and data are protected.

At The Ambassadors Society, we are committed to each other’s success. This is an ecosystem to uplift dreams, become better leaders, open up doors, and feel safe doing it.

WHat we envision

We believe the future is digital, and it needs trust. We’re committed to fostering cooperation between the biggest players in our space and pushing at all levels for common sense infrastructure that can support the future and our safety.

The Ambassadors Society will serve as a breeding ground for ideas, relationships and alliances across industries and borders. Engage new and inventive ideas, meet interesting people and share your knowledge with those who can truly understand.


Connect the dots:

Be the other’s champion. Know each other’s strengths and make the right introductions with pride and joy.

Help each other grow

Extend your resources, knowledge, and perspectives

Trust each other

Hold mutual responsibility to nurture and protect connections made through the network with utmost care.

Pay it forward

What comes around goes around.

Stay curious

Commit to learning. Ask ALL the questions.

Stay Present

Disconnect to connect. Enjoy and make meaningful bonds.

How it works

Join The Ambassadors Society
Build your network & participate in interactive gatherings in secret locations around Latin America.
Extend knowledge, skills, contacts, and opportunities to each other.
Promote the need for Cybersecurity & trust through the LATAM network via commercial opportunities and awareness.
Be rewarded by helping each other grow.


Join the conversations that will shape the future
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