The Future Society

We secure the future together

Through FutureCommunity, we join forces to grow a community of entrepreneurs, innovators,thinkers, scientists, philanthropists, scholars, and more.

We are committed todriving conversations around innovation and cybersecurity. Together wecreate a better future, raise awareness and take charge of our safety.


With cybersecurity at its core, Metabase Q's Future Community is a trusted space for ambassadors, from an innovative approach, to share, learn, create opportunities and guide conversations.

The region needsto assume cybersecurity as a shared responsibility. The Future Community brings together committed change agents.

We consolidate a community that shares the same values and passion for a future where our lives and digital data are protected.

WHat we envision

We believe that the future is digital and needs trust. We are committed to promoting cooperation between the main actors in our space and to promoting at all levels a common-sense infrastructure that supports the future and our security.

The Community of the Future will serve as a place to create ideas, relationships, and alliances between sectors and regions. Engage new and innovative ideas, meet interesting people and share your knowledge with those who can really understand it.


Connect the dots:

Be the other's spokesperson. Learn about each other's strengths and make the appropriate connections with dignity and joy.

Help each other grow

Expand your resources, knowledge, and perspectives

Trust each other

Embrace the community. Hold each other accountable for nurturing and protecting established connections with the utmost care.

Be reciprocal:

Generate impact and value in your interactions, back and forth.

Stay curious

Explore and play with your creativity beyond your limits. Commit to learning. Ask all questions.

Stay Present

Disconnect to connect. Enjoy and make meaningful links.


Good Health and well-being

Partnerships for the goals

Peace justice and strong institutions

Quality education

Cybersecurity is an ethical issue that must be seen as a public good and that is on the international agenda.Cybersecurity can help accelerate the achievement of each of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Sustainable cities and communities

Gender equality

Decent work and economic growth

Industry Innovation and infrastructure

How it works

Join Future Community!
Create awareness about the relevance and risk of cybersecurity.
Build meaningful connections with ambassadors who are aligned on the mission to create a safer future together
Become agents of change so that the digital space is more secure and reliable in the key areas of sustainability
Raise awareness that security is a fundamental human and social need.


Join the conversations that will shape the future
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