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We’re on a mission to revolutionize cybersecurity practices in Latin America. We offer unique cybersecurity solutions and technologies in the market, provide multi-level educational programs and drive regulatory action to create a new ecosystem.  We have presence in Mexico, United States, Chile, Colombia, and Brazil.

Our Openings
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Our purpose

Our vision is to transform the state of cybersecurity in Latin America through better services, technologies, innovation, and awareness. We believe a safe digital community is critical to enable future innovation.

Our Values

Excellence and Discipline

  • Be proud of the work you do. Work with excellence and discipline
  • Take full responsibility for any project you are involved in. No one should ever have to fix your work
  • Timeliness = respect for others. You should always be early

Customer Focus

  • Go above and beyond for the customer
  • Respond in a timely manner
  • Deliver ‘WOW’ experiences


  • If you see something broken, fix it
  • Don’t wait to be told what to do. Find opportunities
  • Think for the company – what can you do to improve our way of doing business


  • Fail fast. Learn. Never make the same mistake again
  • Spend an hour a day watching a webinar, reading a whitepaper or anything else to improve your knowledge of cybersecurity and our vendors


  • We are always on vacation
  • Be proud of what you do. Be excited to come to work everyday
  • Don’t settle with the status quo
  • Always have integrity
  • Embrace the adventure!

Respectful and Inclusive

  • We’re proud of our diversity, and that’s why we are eager to hear out different points of view, listen and be open to learn from everyone
  • We won’t tolerate any disrespect, patronizing, harassment or any other conduct that can be hurtful for anyone. This means physically, professionally, emotionally or psychologically
  • We are fostering and building a community within the company. There’s enough space for everyone to grow. So the more we encourage, support and help each other be  better
  • We’re happily working with intelligent and capable human beings, so lets always respect each other in every way
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Here's a sneak peak of our culture & team

Our informal company motto is that we’re “Always on Vacation”. Our team is a passionate group of experts who never settle for the status quo and love what they do.

Game Night

We are a competitive crew who love all games, especially poker



spoken on average



Over 40 different Hobbies

We love sports and videogames

70% of Metabase Q Employees own a pet

and 100% love them


Musical instruments played

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Explore the job opportunities we have for you. We need your talent to protect world changing companies and to build a conscious, competitive, and secure community with access to the best technologies. Join us, join the revolution.





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