How it works

The Ambassador Program is part of the Metabase Q community. Promote conversation and change around cybersecurity in Latin America while getting your foot in the door.

Apply & Interview

We are looking for individuals who are passionate about technology, enjoy meeting people and bringing them together, and want to build entrepreneurial experience in an innovative industry. Given the exclusivity of the program, spots are limited at this stage to referrals only.

Stay at the forefront of technology innovation

Our program includes short training sessions to ensure you are equipped to drive innovative conversations around the need for cybersecurity as well as access to exclusive Ambassador events to meet other participants.

Register and Close Leads

Gain commissions by introducing cybersecurity to your contacts and making new connections. We provide you with the ability to help host events, meetings, webinars as well as access to marketing materials to drive sales.

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Metabase Q Ambassador!

Start leading the conversations that will shape the future