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We build a stronger cybersecurity base for your company, so you can build your future. Metabase Q protects you from financial and reputational losses with more efficient, smarter cyber, using world-class technology, people, and process.
Your business will run better, stronger, and faster.

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Our Mission

This is the Metabase Q revolution. We believe cybersecurity is fundamental to growth.

The ability for customers to trust services and products is the core of business. In the push for greater connectivity and innovation, cybersecurity can be left out, and trust between customers and businesses is broken at the first cyberattack. Easier access gives way to stolen customer data and identities. Frictionless connectivity enables attackers to shut factories, plants, and even electrical grids down. Companies pursue novel innovations -- hyperconnectivity, cloud computing, AI -- to compete, but end up with a lack of visibility and control over their organization. When a cyberattack comes, it affects everyone's business and livelihood.

Our revolution is to apply cybersecurity efficiently and effectively. These are the problems our customers face:

  • No visibility or control over their network or data between remote workers, third parties, suppliers and cloud instances
  • Too many confusing security tools deliver reams of alerts
  • Not enough security talent to effectively manage the risk
  • Mis-aligned focus on compliance vs. security
  • Security partners who have failed to deliver on their promises

Better, Faster, Stronger

Our innovative Security-as-a-Service enables us to deliver more effective protection with efficiency and cost-savings

Better Value:

Reduction of technologies and duplicative licenses, time savings for internal IT and security teams, leverage existing investments

Stronger Protection:

Stronger base eliminates blind spots, specialized security experts, 24x7 coverage, holistic security covering people, processes and technology

Faster Outcomes:

Rapidly improve security through roadmaps, streamlined deployment, mature security processes

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