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International Private Healthcare Group achieves real-time detection


Most healthcare organizations have strong cyber security, but this healthcare group realized they needed to expand their attack detection and management capabilities, being mindful of the rapidly evolving threat landscape. With more than 100 hospitals and clinics around the world, the healthcare group decided to look for a solution that uses artificial intelligence to address the challenges of timely detections and effectively manage active cyberattacks to reduce their cyber risk.

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Thanks to Metabase Q, this healthcare provider significantly reduced the time required to detect and respond to threats and has brought coherence to its global cybersecurity operations. The result is an overall security capability that went from reactive to proactive. With Metabase Q automating the search for cyber attacks, real-time threat detection, and accelerating incident response, the enterprise security team can focus on the most important parts of the job: threat mitigation, compliance of regulations and the protection of patient privacy.

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