Industry: Financial sector

Top Bank remediates code in legacy Base24 applications


In recent months, the buying habits that are made through cards have changed. Now more than ever, the financial sector must be at the forefront of protecting customer data, complying with PCI and ensuring that electronic funds transfers made from a point-of-sale terminal or e-commerce site up to the card issuer is successful. Data and funds traveling through the BASE24 electronic transaction application must be protected at source code level. The personalized adjustments that each financial entity makes to the object code can generate some vulnerability.

Our Role

Metabase Q’s team of specialists helps detect failures in BASE24 code modifications (CSMs) by generating a personalized strategy based on the needs of its clients, reviewing the code's logic in search of authorization, configuration or data problems. Among the problems we are looking for are: erroneously authorized transactions, denial of service, authorization of fraudulent transactions, loss of information, dispersion of sensitive data, loss of information in the console, memory problems such as indexes and tokens, erroneous reading to LCONF, closing files and memory dumps.

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