ATM Training


It’s an offensive and defensive practical training, unique in the world, that addresses the main vertical attacks on ATMs.

From the Heart of Mexico City

As long as physical money continues to be used

ATMs and their central servers will continue to be a target of physical and logical attacks.


Million dollars was the economic impact of the damage caused by Ploutus malware in Mexico.


More than 73 ATMs were compromised.


Of the global transactions are in cash.

Why ATM training?

Our objective in this training is that at the end you’ll be able to generate indicators for the detection of external agents connected to your ATMs.

Training Verticals

Covered attacks in the traning

DMA Attack

A DMA attack is a type of physical attack, in which the attacker can penetrate a computer or other device by exploiting the presence of high-speed expansion ports that allow direct memory access.

USB Rubber Ducky Attack

The attacker makes ATM believe it’s receiving an external accepted device and, through it injects command to the ATM.

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