Cybersecurity solutions

Small and Medium Companies

Cybersecurity is an element that must be part of your business culture.

We provide small and medium companies with some recommendations, resources, and solutions to their size to achieve their objectives safely in digital cyberspace.

What is it about?

Use successfully cybersecurity in your company

Metabase Q and The CERC provide entrepreneurs and SMBs employees cybersecurity tools focused on prevention, detection and response to security incidents.

From the Awareness Committee of the Council of Experts on Regulation and Cybersecurity (CERC), this initiative is born, developed by Metabase Q, in which we make available to SMBs a series of cybersecurity recommendations with resources and tools to strengthen their businesses, attending to the commitment to see cybersecurity as a shared responsibility and ensuring the momentum to achieve their goals safely and reliably in the digital space.

Cyber Risk has become one of the main challenges for small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs), who more frequently use mobile technologies to conduct their business.

We developed a secure environment where we seek to protect your business from threats and cyber attacks. We have the resources and tools to strengthen your company. What do we offer? An online point of sale or Marketplace where you’ll find available the ideal solutions for your staff, your processes and your technologies.

The current evolution and growth of SMBs, has generated a greater economic and competitive potential, becoming a target for cyber-attacks. Currently, prevention and evaluation are essential in the cybersecurity strategies of any business, especially for those who decide to undertake and seek a boost towards their goals.

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Security for Devices

Learn about your system and upgrade your defenses! By updating your system, your digital immunity is increased against cyber threats.

Constant updating

Updates exist to keep us safe.

Principle of least privilege

Limiting access to the essentials is vital to your company’s security

Mobile security

It is vital that mobile security is part of your enterprise security strategy. One vulnerability is enough to put your company in danger.

Employee security practices

Secure passwords

Constantly change your passwords, allow access only to those who need it, and periodically monitor these permissions.

BYOD policy

Ensure that staff’s own devices are brought to the IT team for provisioning or installation of configurations.

Avoid Phishing

If you, or your staff, are contacted for personal or company data, check that the phone and email are legitimate.

Sensitive Information

For the Management of sensitive information make an inventory, Backup, Reduce, Block, Eliminate, Plan, and anticipate.

Two-factor authentication

Two-factor authentication (2FA) is a security measure that adds an additional layer to login.

Network Security

What is a Firewall?

A Firewall is a type of barrier to prevent unknown and malicious data from getting through a network, which can damage a device or saturate connections.

What is a VPN?

It is a secure channel for surfing online. This type of encrypted connection will allow your company to ensure that the transmission of information and communication is secure and confidential.

Malware detection and prevention


In order to reduce the risk of being attacked, all devices need to install an antivirus.
This is a good security practice for your business.


Free protection is not enough, they work as a potential “try before you buy” solution, but their functionalities are limited. Effective security tools are available at an affordable price and fit your needs.

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